So Iím completely new to this forum. Used to post on the Sea-Doo forum but I bought a Honda!? This past weekend I purchased a 04 black Aquatrax fx-12. It also came with a near new 2013 loadright trailer. The trailer alone is worth a grand. The guy wanted $2250 for the whole lot. He didnít know how many hours but he said it ran great 5 years ago before it sat in his garage until last weekend. After I looked inside the hull, the first thing I checked was the turbo and waste gate. The turbo had some salt and corrosion and the actuator and wastegate had some light specks of rust but it wasnít caked. I told the guy Iíd take the lot with title for 1800$. Figured worst case Iíd sell the trailer and be out 800 bucks. Take the ski home and hook up power. 41 hours! Not bad at all. So my question for you guys is what do I need to do to get it up and running after sitting for 5 years. I have it scheduled next weekend for the gas tank recall but what else needs to be done. I previously had a 94 sp and I did lots of matinence on that so I somewhat know my way around a ski. Any help would be good. The turbo rust is allways going to be in the back of my head but Iím picking up some crc 6-56 for the turbo after rides. After the dealer replaces the fuel tank, should I have them do a run down on the ski? Or is it just a waste of money. Thanks again.