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    Replacing Carbs on my 01 Virage 700

    I picked up a 01 Virage 700 a couple of weeks ago and have been working on it. I'm having trouble with the carb acc pump. Its leaking by at the check valve. Sometimes it runs great but most the time I playing with the throttle from 1300 to 3100 rpms, then it will take right off.

    I cleaned the carbs and checked the pop off pressure. When you open the throttle you can see the fuel come out of the acc pump jet but its very little and more like drips. Sometimes nothing comes out.

    I have picked up a set of carbs, intake and breather from a 98 SLTH 700 that I'm going to try. I picked up rebuild kits for both carbs along with needle and seats for both.

    My question as these are dual 40mm carbs, and my stock carb is a single 40mm carb, are the pop off pressure and low speed fuel mixture turnout the same?

    I have a repair manual for my 01, but looking on line I can't seem to find the setup specs for the 98 dual carbs.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    The 98 700's used 38mm carbs. Pop off is 18-20 psi.
    Have a look through this;

    The accell pump needs both check balls working properly to work. The check valve at the carb air horn is like a one way valve,should allow pressure out then seal so it does not suck air. The check ball inside do get dirty.

    The carbs with out accell pump really relied on having the fuel tank vent/pressure working perfectly.

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    Thanks, Casey67, If I spray carb cleaner thru the hose it will make a nice spray into the carb. But if I place my finger over the hose while attached to the pump, there isn't much there. Take your finger off and a little will dribble out.

    When I opened it the I couldn't, find anything wrong. Nothing torn. It seems to be the check in the metering block.

    I have everything coming so I'll try it. But I will surely check the tank vent.

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