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    New Plugs Fouling

    Ok this is weird. Changed the plugs 2 weeks ago, rode it that day/ran like a bat outta hell. Rode it yesterday, same deal running strong. Rode it today, kinda taking it easy/trying to burn this tank of gas down, but punched it a few times no problem. Finally after about 1.5 hours tried to punch it again and it started banging out/wouldn't do more than about 4k rpm. So I point it towards the house/manage to limp back but any attempt to stomp on the gas made it bang out/wanna quit. The whole way back I'm thinking can't be the plugs, just changed 'em, maybe water getting on the SC belt (water not coming out of pisser as hard as normal). I get it up on the lift and first thing I do after taking seat off/looking in there is open the plugs at the back of ski. Nada, zip, not one drop of water came out (lift is higher towards the bow). Now I'm thinking maybe bad gas (even though I completely drained that tank last year when I was checking out my fuel pump)? So I go WTF, I've got 4 more brand new plugs might as well change em out right quick see what happens (engine still hot). So I put new ones in, drop it back in the water and guess what? Yesss running like a bat outta hell again.

    What's up with these plugs? Pics are of the set that I pulled out today, 2 weeks old.

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    Update: The plugs above were definitely fouled out. The only thing I can figure for the cause is the fact that due to my location there is a ten minute idle power/manatee zone I have to traverse to get out to open water/river. The fouled plugs are now back in the ski working great after I burned the carbon off with a propane torch. I also did a compression check while I was diagnosing this and had 160, 160, 160, and 130 on #4. Book says 130 is still within limits but that has me wondering if that was the one that had the broken off spark plug when the ski was about a year old. They had to drill it out put a helicoil (or time-sert?) in there.

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