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    RXT 230 2018 tuning need help

    rxt 230 :
    it doesnt spin more than 8200 rpm
    ET137 + 4 mm supercharger upgrade
    4" intake
    ECU reflashed
    impeller SRZ-CD 14/19
    stock exhaust
    retainers on the way

    I have an idea to change camshaft to 629

    I need Your advice what to do now.
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    Hey Piki,

    What is it you are trying to do? More acceleration? More Power? Better Towing? or you just have a need for more speed?

    Impellers are hit and miss..... ECU Flashed, but re-mapped to what?

    If you change that cam shaft, have you done a Dyno on the engine already? What is your rated HP now? What is the Actual HP dyno?

    Beware my speed seeking friend, If you change that Cam, you will need to change the ECU ignition timing and you will probably lose your mind with finding the correct spark plug reach, burn and type.

    May be better to buy another Ski..... Good Luck to you! Tell us how you do!


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    Cant break 8200 - What to do now ?
    Following disscusion I found this mod so easy ... belive me.
    I need more speed.
    Camshaft not changet yet but still consider.
    ECU remapped to GTR 2018 - ignition timing for European 98 and 5% more fuel at WOT.
    Dyno not done yet but i scheduled AFR on next week.
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    From my experiences this is my recommendation

    fit a RRFPR set to 58 psi static
    VT1100 or similar injectors
    datalog tune and adjust as it will be rich at WOT keeping rpm’s and speed down
    That impeller pitch should be good but will experience cavitation with the smaller leading edge pitch. 15/19 would be better

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    Retainers are in.
    camshaft 629 is in and gives excellent midrange uprise.
    ET 137+4
    rev limiter : 8450
    map: stock GTR but E98 ignition timing modified only (spark plugs - coffee with milk)
    4" cold air intake in.
    impeller Solas SRZ-CD14/19 (when jumps out the water rpm spins above 8200 ) - needs repich?
    Still cant break 8200 on the water

    are VT1100 beter becouse of its efficiency or spraying pattern shape?

    Maybe some other restrictor ?

    Need help

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    Need to tune ECU to get best out of it. Need bigger injectors as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davrac View Post
    Need to tune ECU to get best out of it. Need bigger injectors as well.
    This is the 2nd time I’ve seen bigger injectors mentioned for a 2018, for the life of me I can’t understand why when they are the same part number as the 300s. Shouldn’t they be able to support stock 300 power with a little buffer room left?

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