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    Another supercharger clutch slip thread

    I know this topic has been gone over time and time again, but I figure id ask just to be safe.
    Rebuilding an 06 charger with an ET127 wheel. 08 seadoo rebuild kit used.
    Tried setting the slip this morning and the highest i could get was 100 inch pounds. With this wheel at stock rev limit im shooting for 140-150 in pounds.
    I have a set of McMaster spring washers, tried those as well in every configuration i could think of and still no luck. My Riva washers showed up today, so im going to put those in and try again. I know they have spacers, but it seems as though most people dont need them. Maybe its just my luck.
    My real question is if the clutch washers should be greased? Im typically a little happy with the isoflex grease so i know i got some on the clutch faces. I figured they would be covered in oil once its running anyway. Just wanted to know if checking them dry is the way to do it and possibly the reason for my low clutch slip.

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    You should check it wet.
    I also have run a shim in a SC to get slip were I wanted it. I had no worries about doing it, and the SC was just fine until we pulled it to rebuild it because it was time for it to be rebuilt.

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    You're doing something wrong.
    Are you using a quality torque wrench? Yes you should put Isoflex grease on the washers. Checking dry will give you a higher slip. With the McMaster washers in normal orientation you should see higher than 100 in/lbs. Try gear )())) nut, this should increase the slip, if not you need a shim or two.

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    I had to borrow one from my machinist since i dont have a dial type. Im sure he trusts his snapon gauge. haha I think i might have seen just above 100 in one configuration, but Im really shooting for 140-150. Sounds like I was doing everything right, just wanted to make sure that i wasnt missing anything. But maybe ill just have to get some shims. Id like to wrap this up soon, any typical local kinda places i could be checking for a proper shim? Anything specific i should be looking for?

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