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    Swim Ladder Spring Replacement (about 25bucks per spring and an hour of your time)

    Greetings to all and thanks for the excellent Forum! Woot Woot.

    Today we're going to go over the Spring Replacement for a 2016 Seadoo 1.3 liter GTI SE 130.

    This is the first time I have used an OEM Swim Ladder, and I'm not diggin it. All my previous Ski's (Kawi's and Sea's) were aftermarket, and operated effortlessly and flawlessly. They also facilitated easier Climbing in Deep Water.

    Why, Sea Doo, still cant make an ergonomically correct swim ladder is beyond me, but that's what I have now.

    So, lets begin: you hook up one day, do your walk around inspection prior to driving away, and you happen to notice one of the Swim Ladders are extended. WTF, maybe sand, maybe you hit the house or garage wall, when backing after the last time?

    Nope, it's the damn Springs are broken. This has been an ongoing problem with several recalls over the years...... Unfortunately, not my Model Year, and the Dealers would love to sell me a new swim ladder for USD $300. Yeah, Right.

    See Pictures Above..............

    So you pull your Swim ladder with a Torx Bit Set, a 1/4" drive with a 6" extention, and bring it into your work shop, garage, office or whatever...... and Arm your self with the following tools:

    A 1/4 or 3/8ths inch drive with a 10mm socket, a pair of good pliers and a flat screwdriver, or a flat drift Punch.

    It's also a good idea to have a rag, some silicon spray handy, for cleaning and some silicon grease for assembly. I think maybe marine grease would be a better idea if I had thought of it earlier..... Whatever.

    1. Remove the 10mm Bolt from the 2 mounting assemblies and dis-assemble. It's easier with the Pliers, to pull the broken springs out of the mounts.

    2. Clean all the sand and corrosive organtic material out of the plastic housing with the silicon spray. Inspect both halfs for integrity and cleanliness.

    3. Install Spring Number : 292 001 259 into the Half, position the swim ladder vertically on bench, (I used an upper and lower work cabinet for a 3rd arm, and with the Pliers, crank and clock the spring to the Steps Detent. Once you get it past the detent of around 120 degrees, use a screwdriver or flat drift to push the spring down, and release it into the detent.

    4. Slowly install the other half of mount through the Step and you will feel a small "pop" as it straightens the spring center between the ladder and the two halfs. Install the Bolt with a minimum of around 8 ft.lbs +/-2.

    Check for smooth operation and deflection, and re-mount to Ski with clear batroom CTV/Sealant.

    Note* Although both my packages said : " Made in America" the text was different on both packages and the springs both had different finishes on the metal. Upon checking of Individual halfs, one side had a higher spring rate than the other.

    Hope this helps all of my fellow Skiiers!

    Cheers, and lets get down with the Sickness next Weekend at Ao Monao, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand
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    Excellent write-up! Thanks for taking the time to share.

    Is the spring replacement a SeaDoo part # or was it sourced elsewhere? Can you share the source and also what the preferred spring rate is (in your opinion)?

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