I opened my seat up yesterday and found a lot of corrosion on the spark plugs, there were new this season and only went out about 5-6x for a total of under 18 hours. is this normal to have a lot of white corrosion on the plug after such a short amount of time?
I noticed a sticker for the recommended plugs to be NGK- BR8HS , I currently have B8HS installed. I read this means there is no resistor < would this cause any type of problem.
each time after using the ski i barely had any water in the hull. when opening the drain plugs almost nothing comes out. i do lightly rinsing off the inside of the hull after each use bc i notice a tiny bit of oil collecting? I think this extra oil is from possible overfill and it is leaking where the oil sensor wire goes into the tank (oil pump still installed.)

PS: having carb issues, Will not idle correctly and have to feather the gas to decelerate after WOT then will not regain power for a little bit. choke cable broken have to manual use choke and once in a while shot of ether.