I've got done the bottom end on a 1200 DI engine and installed a brand new OEM crank. The engine fired up ok and got it working. During reassembly I checked ok both bendix and flywheel and reinstalled it back. Made sure to get the order right for front and back flat washer on bendix, nab and spring inside flywheel housing. Checked ok clearance for bendix' bushing inside front flywheel cover. Didn't really have any problems before, or at least that I was aware of.
The problem I have now is once the engine starter engages bendix, it will not go back out of flywheel. It will stay in the fully extender mode until I slightly turn flywheel by rotating coupler. Bendix teeth are not jammed or super hard against flywheel's teeth but there is enough contact there that bendix' internal spring can't pull it back out. Also the engine cranks ok and no noises during cranking or have any damage to any teeth during my troubleshooting.
Tried using other bendix and flywheel but no better, still the same problem.
It appears to me that there is some misalignment there. Given the engine fired up I would rule out crank/ flywheel having any play.
Bendix assembly seems fine. Any other thoughts?