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    What was the RAD at the Bug?

    First off.......congrats on all your speeds and im glad to see all of you had a safe and fun time.I heard the weather wasnt perfect.What was the RAD? Even with somewhat fair weather,the speeds were awsome!

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    I didnt follow the weather reports Woody, had no time for the TV, but it was 91-94 degrees and the humidity was the worst ive ever felt, even worse than here in florida.. Estimates would be 93 degrees, dewpoint 78-80, elevation 0, 29.90 baro equals right at 2600+ feet RAD... The humidity is what killed all the power, you could literally see the water in the air, hazy, against the treeline. Like one guy told me, the air is so thick you have to stop and cut a hole in it to ride through it..Several people told me they were down a full 3 mph...

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    I was down a good 2mph. I could only squeeze a 74.5 on my ski. 1/2 tank...

    Like Ross said, It was very humid...

    If I get a chance today, I'll do a historical trend on and plug it into the RAD calculator.

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    air temp under my cowling at the crawfish boil (mid-afternoon) was 104.5 F on my digital bling gauge.

    Of course this is sitting in the hot sun, but after getting back on and cruising to the photo shoot, it only went down to 101 and change with the wind hitting it.

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    jerry i could only imagine you ski up north

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    mud bug? in NY ???? Letss dooooo it

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    Not sure about RAD but air temp on Sunday was 99 and water was 91.

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