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    have you guys seen this....Carbon Fiber Shortage

    I just saw this, maybe I'm just behind the times....thought it was interesting

    Last Update: 1/10/06

    Carbon Fiber Shortage Update

    It doesn’t look like things will be getting better any time soon. We are still getting shipments but we are not getting them reliably. We are not learning of incoming shipments until a day or two before they arrive. Although we pride ourselves on being able to make promises of accurate Expected Dates of backordered items, we can not make promises about carbon availability.

    The best way for a customer to obtain supply is to place an order and wait for supply. The next best way is to get on our quote list. If you get on our quote list, we will contact you if we have excess material. We will contact customers on a first come-first served basis, and you will have the option to purchase the material at that time.

    Although we are trying to keep some cut yardage in stock, we are generally shipping all the material we receive on the day we get it. Calling frequently to see if we have supply is not likely to be successful.

    We apologize to our many customers who have built successful businesses fabricating carbon fiber and hybrid materials in a variety of industries. This shortage is threatening the very existence of many of you. We are honoring our long term customers as best we can. This has been very harmful to our business as well.

    The current carbon fiber shortage is a result of increased consumption by the aerospace industry and a shortage of raw carbon fiber. Military orders are being filled before any commercial orders and the shortage has created hording which has additionally magnified the shortages. Since the summer of 2005, supply has been increasing erratic and some customers are not getting shipments at all.

    Our best information is that this shortage is going to last throughout 2006. We will keep you updated with the latest information as it becomes available.

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    Must be because of all those front fenders they are putting on the Z06 Vettes !!


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