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    2000 Genesis 1200. New stator, CDI still no spark

    New to PWC and the forum.

    I got a 2000 Genesis 1200 carb. Replaced stator and CDI and still no spark. I've now tried testing the coil with a test light. I've got a pulse with the 3 wires.. black green, black blue, black white.. the yellow brown wire has a pulse as well. Should that wire be pulsing or a constant 12v? I'll have to use a multi meter to get a real voltage reading.

    I'm thinking it might be a bad coil. How do I test the coil what readings am i suppose to get?


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    Welcome to GreenHulk.
    No, the coil is not like a automotive coil.

    You should see like 70v DC while cranking on yel/brn,blk/grn,blk/blu. The blk/wht is like a return to the CDI.
    I recently had a Genesis with all Chinese ignition that would not start, where did you buy the parts ?

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