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    Videos: DockitJet Reveals New Inflatable PWC Tenders

    While many of the flashier ski boats that are PWC-dockable have been getting quite a bit of attention, inflatable tenders that can receive a PWC are nothing new. Recently, DockitJet introduced a fully-inflatable boat measuring just over 12-feet long (that’s a good 6-and-a-half feet shorter than existing Dockitjet models) while still being able to transport 6 people at up to 25mph.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    What they don't provide is where and how to buy one of these...

    Also curious if you could add lights, would it be legal for night time operation???

    EDIT: Found that these are sold in Australia but they will ship to US. Approx $2500.

    I think it's an interesting idea in that you could transport the boat in your backseat and inflate it when you get to the water.
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