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    converting yamaha suv to 4 stroke?

    Looking for someone, preferably in the northeast, that is familiar with converting a yamaha suv to a 4 stroke.
    Tired of issues with the 2 stroke engines.
    Any info is greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not in the northeast, but this is as easy of a conversion as you can do. There are a couple of threads on here. If you can pull the 1200 and put it back you can do this.

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    First, I don't know where this guy was, nor where he is now, went by the forum handle "handyman" ... as it's been several years since I saw his posts .... oh and looks like his domain site is now de-registered/down too { just checked my old bookmarks a moment ago } Bummer
    The site was called "" --> Tip: if you are familiar with the "Wayback Machine", you can access the past crawled archives of that site

    Anyway, he had converted like 5+ (maybe more) SUVs to 4 strokes using both donor MR1 skis and donor 1.8L skis (NA & without RiDE). These Yamaha 4-stroke engines have identical mount geometry. To get either of these engines into a SUV meant relocating the SUV's forward engine mounts and a bit of glass-work on the inner-hull's belly.
    In-fact, I had downloaded (and still have) his original "howto" PDF file dated 2016 (about 2MB size). If you can't find this pdf link in the Wayback archives, I might be able to email you a copy ( if interested ).

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