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    Another '96 Zxi 1100 charging issue

    Not getting any voltage increase across the battery when running, sitting at 12.3-12.4v.
    Replaced the voltage regulator/rectifier, no change.
    I just measured the voltage across the 2 brown wires coming from the stator/generator while running, and it is about 53 ACV at idle and goes up to about 87 ACV when revved up.
    So I think the stator is ok, the resistance between the red and purple, yellow and black wires is within spec also.

    Problem arose when battery went dead while riding, but charged back up on charger fine, then discovered I wasn't getting the 14 or so volts across the battery when running.

    I've owned the ski for about the last 20 years, second owner, and it has been kept well and never submerged or filled with water.

    What else can I check?


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    No ideas after a week? I will try disconnecting and cleaning and using dielectric grease on all connections in the electric box in the next week or 2.

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    That would be a good idea. Inspect all the connectors carefully with a light and magnifying glass. They are known to be troublesome.

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    Ok, finally cleaned all wiring connections in the electrical box, still no change.
    So I back probed the connections at the Rectifier/voltage regulator. Brown to brown is producing 55v AC at idle, 86v revved up, so I think the inputs to the rectifier are fine. Output however is 11.8v DC on the red wire to ground, which is the same across the battery terminals.

    That would lead me to believe the rectifier is bad, but its a brand new one as that is what I replaced in the first place!
    Guess I will see if I can find a Kawasaki OEM one this time.

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    I think I have fixed the issue...just FYI those Chinese made rectifiers are garbage for $20-30. Bought an OEM Kawasaki one, made in Japan for $160 and now it is getting 13.6v at idle to the battery when the battery was only putting out 11.8v to begin with.
    Now I need to drop it in the water and see if it runs right and runs for a while. I was bogging down at WOT a lot, I suspect due to the voltage being too low and unstable before.

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