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    02 Virage 1200, Pump question

    I just purchased a 02 Virage 1200 to use in a 12' jet boat. The ski had been sitting for a few years because of a seized pump, I was able to get it for $150 . I got it home, drained and added a little fresh gas, put a battery in it and it fired right up. Score as far as I am concerned, the problem is the impeller is welded (not really, just stuck) to the wear ring. I plan to cut the wear ring off so I dont damage the impeller. my problem is I have no idea if I am missing parts, do any of you know of a schematic for the pump assembly or a good manual to repair the ski, motor and pump that I should buy? I am also thinking I might use a pump from a Yamaha XLT 1200, they look much shorter, are the splines on the Polaris the same as the Yamaha? If i can fit the pump from the Polaris then I will cut the bottom of the ski off and fiberglass it onto the boat hull. Im sure you are all cringing reading this, but it should be a cool, fast little boat when im finished with it.

    Thanks in advance

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    You can look up Polaris parts here:

    Good luck with your project.

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    You find more info here and here.

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    Love the Charger, thanks for the links.

    Quote Originally Posted by martincom View Post
    You find more info here and here.

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