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    1994 Waveblaster 701 Not charging battery

    I have run some tests, I get 4 volts on the two green wires from the stator while cranking, stator resistance tests good and no leakage to ground.

    The rectifier tests seem to have more resistance than the book shows, they want thousands of ohms I'm getting megaohm readings.... does anybody have hands on rectifier testing experience?


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    OK, I swapped rectifiers with another Yamaha, still not charging... and I tested the lighting coil via the green wires and the results are about the same as my blaster. approx 4.5 volts a.c. cranking, 1.4 ohms between the green wires.... anything I am missing??

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    I was checking the lighting coil output with the Blaster running, it goes up with voltage to 30 plus volts a.c. So I re connected the two green wires to the rectifier (that is out of a waveventure) and it is now charging. No idea what changed, making fresh connections? the wiring all looks fresh and clean, no moisture or corrosion in the elec box. I saw more than 13 volts running when the battery had 12.85 before the boat started.
    I will check it again before my next outing, for now It is all put back together.

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