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    Getting a 2008 speedster with twin 215 engines as a payment..

    Ok so I'm recieveing a 2008 speedster with the twin 215 engines as basically a payment. I have worked on Sea-Doos in the past I am familiar with the engines and the skis but I have never worked on the boats or researched anything on modifications for them. It has 58 hours on it and it's in good shape. What are little things to improve the boat itself. Is it worth it to upgrade the impellers, intake grates (yes I have read I need to modify the ski version to make it fit), or basically anything best bang for the buck upgrades without doing the supercharger upgrades and external ICs and injectors.

    Also is there any aftermarket wake towers that fit these? Is it even possible to find an oem wake tower?


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    First thing to do is rebuild both superchargers. 08 boats still have the dreaded ceramic washers. Hopefully they are both still intact or else you have much more work to do!

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    Ok so rebuilding the superchargers are on the list. Now would anyone recomonds while they are out to get the ET127 wheels for both and 42lb injectors?

    If I'm ripping them out anyway I might as well consider uograding.
    I'm trying to figure out how much more MPH I will gain with et127 wheels, injectors and upgraded impellers.

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