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    Riva Blow Off Kit

    I Have Noticed From Reading That Some Of You Guys Don't Care For The Idea Of The Bov And Just Install Metal Sc Washers.
    Why? Wouldn't The Bov Just Give Some Added Ins? I Just Bought A Leftover 2006 Rxp,a Couple Of Months Ago, And I Did Some Reading On This Forum And Learned About The Sc Failures. So I Asked The Dealer Before I Picked Up My New Machine If He Had Seen Any Sc Washers Fail Last Year? He Told Me 4 Or 5, Wich Is Alot For A Small Dealer And Where The Riding Season 4-5 Months. So I Was Straight With Him, I Said Hey I Don't You Taking Apart My Engine After 5-10-15-hrs! They Said We Have Installed A Couple Of Riva Bov Kits To Help The Problem!
    Then I Said How About Installing The Metal Washers? Then They Said We Never Installed Metal Ones! Only Factory Ones!!!!
    So I Bought Riva Metal Washers And The Bov Kit,i Removed The Sc And They Installed The Metal Washers For $50.00.i Installed The Bov Kit. Well, I Did All Of This With Never Even Riding The Machine. I Now Have 6hrs On It And It Is Awsome!!!!!!!!!

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    if i buy a ski again i will do the same thing, way to go LAKE RIDER washer from Jerry....

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    I got jerry's metal ones on my RXP, and I installed an XS setup...I could still hear the chirping of the SC when I came unhooked, which means its still slipping....If it slips, it wears, and if it wears, it will eventually need to be shimmed and retorqued...

    Before I went to MudBug if took the Riva BOV setup (blue hose) that was on the ski before and cut it up properly, then mounted it on my IC setup with an aftermarket adjustable BOV...

    I ran it at mudbug the next day, and I could still hear the SC chirping....So I popped the seat, reached in, and adjusted it a little...Took off, chirping was barely noticable...So I popped the seat again, slightly adjusted it some more, ran again....No more chirp, it stayed at 8100, and no loss of boost...
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