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    Reflash Ecu for new ibr

    I am looking for someone to point me in the right direction or a contact to have a ECU reflashed for a new ibr that was installed on a 2012 GTI SE 155. The old ibr was Rev.06 and the new one is Rev.07. Well Rev.07 don't play nice and the ski is still throwing check engine and ibr error codes. I used the ibr (Rev.06) from my 2012 rxt-260 and it worked just fine except for there was no VTS display showing up on the LCD display.

    Is BUDS the only software that can do this?

    Thanks all.

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    Buds is the only software that can update ski firmware for revisions. But you say everything works fine with your old IBR with the exception of the vts display?

    that's telling me that somebody with a candoo can enable the VTS in the ECU and that should put you where you want to be with the rev 6 ibr actuator

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    The working rev 06 ibr is a know working one from another ski, the original is broken. I might bit the bullet and get BUDS with the 10 year megatech license. I was hoping i could send it out for someone to do.

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