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    2000 Polaris Virage TX no fuel pressure - Carbs rebuilt - need help


    I've searched youtube, here, google, and am now just resorting to asking for help. I purchased a 2000 Polaris Virage TX 3 man pwc, and it ran great for the first two days, then just suddenly died. I pulled the plugs, and it didn't appear they were getting any gas (they were dry). I pulled what I thought was the fuel line going to the carbs (it appeared there were two running to the carbs. It looked like gas was getting to the carbs, but not through the carbs, so I bought 3 rebuild kits and rebuilt the carbs (took like 2 days). Reassembled, new spark plugs, still nothing.

    Now I think the fuel isn't getting to the carbs at all. I pulled the two hoses running to the carbs from up front by the fuel water thingy and it didn't seem like gas was coming out of either of them. I blew in the line that plugged between the 2nd and 3rd carb, and could hear bubbling in the gas tank and it seemed to inflate the gas tank, and then fuel started flowing out of the 2nd fuel line. Could I have plugged that hose back into an incorrect spot, and somehow pressure is used to provide positive pressure to the fuel tank? Or should fuel be coming through both of the hoses back to the carbs. When I turned the fuel shut off on/off it stopped my ability to blow air back through that tube.

    I'm just stuck and don't know what else to check to see why i'm not getting fuel to my carbs. Is there a fuel pump I need to replace somewhere?

    Sorry so long.


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    Welcome to GreenHulk.
    Blowing into the tank and hearing bubbles is the fuel supply hose. Being able to turn it off with the fuel switch confirms it.
    The supply hose will split into 2 hoses and feed the front and rear carbs (fuel pumps)
    Those 2 fittings will be the lowest fittings on the carbs.

    The highest fitting, located on the second carb, between 2 and 3 - is the fuel return hose. It just dumps extra gas into the top of the tank.

    The front and rear carbs have a fuel pump built into them, extra fuel is then sent to the center carb. At lower speeds, the extra fuel is sent back to the fuel tank from the center carb.

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    Hi Casey67,

    Thanks for explaining it better for me. I wonder why it seems like I'm not getting fuel to the carbs then? Maybe I just need to adjust the thumb screw for the idle? Any idea where the stock position is supposed to be set at? I purposefully didn't mess with it, but now I wonder if that isn't the issue all along, and perhaps there is a clog in that? I guess typing about it makes me think harder on what I may have missed. Once again, thanks for you help.

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    Your hoses are backwards. I explained how it is supposed to be.

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