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    94 slt 750 no mid range power

    I took out my 750 for the first time it keeps bogging down at about half throttle and doesnít feel like itís going too speed. If I choke it at mid throttle it will pick up and go. It was sitting for a minimum of 15 years. Probably some stupid like carb cleaning but just need advice on it donít know too much about these machines

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    If you ever add choke and it runs better it's too lean. That carb is probably filthy and not delivering enough fuel.

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    Agreed ^^^^^^

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    Plugs are coming up straight soaked black as of right now

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    This is how it runs

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    Video is out of the water and doesn't say much..... If on the water, as xlint amd sldvx said you are running lean....

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    Carbs are clean still going to put new diaphragm in them but pop off springs are going off at 16 psi also would reed spacers and possibly dual stage reed be worth putting in while it’s apart

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    Still haven’t figured out the bogging issue rebuilt the carbs correct fuel pressures all new intake gasketsstill keeps bogging. Down at mid range. Any ideas only way it runs half decent is when the exhaust backfires and shoots the pipe from the water box to the hull pass through off of it

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    I would highly recommend going through the carbs very thoroughly and upgrading to the triple outlet fuel pump. The single outlet pumps were barely enough when new, add some wear and tear and you are asking for trouble. Do a search on here for triple outlet pump and you'll get a lot of results. The fuel system is the weak link on these Fuji engines, get that nailed down and you should have a good reliable machine. Without doing the recommended updates you risk burning a hole in a piston from a lean burn-down.

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    If it sat a long time and runs good without the exhaust hooked up is it possible some rodent built a nest in the exhaust?

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