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    787 won't crank...

    Hi guys,

    Just read a lot of similar threads about this but none of the tips seems to work for me, and sorry for my english by the way.

    I've got a 787 injection that's been rebuild to carb by previous owner.
    According to him the starter where new last year when I bought it, I just ran it for a couple of times and from what I can remember I just had some battery-issues.
    When I put it away for the winter I sprayed oil in the engine and drained it on water.
    Making a long story short, when I took it out this year, I still got some strange problems and ended upp with a new battery and a new starter.

    Alright, what happens is that the engine won't crank when the sparkplugs are mounted. Cranks just fine with the plugs off.
    I've disconnected the starter from the scooter (hm, just the wires of course) and tried send power straight on the starter but it's still the same thing.

    If I take the plugs out and crank it, it spits (feels like water and gasoline, not only gas, but I'm not sure) from both cylinders.
    When I then put back the spark plugs, it cranks first time I hit the button or send power to the starter, when I do it again it does the same thing as before, just cranks 1/4 or so.
    If I reapet the plugs out, it does the same thing, cranks fine first time and then the same thing again.

    I've also tried disconnecting gas-line to the carbs thinking they are flooding the engine but still the same thing.

    Do I have water somewhere that I don't get out or can it be something else? I'm used to repair snowmobile-engines but I've tried to stay as far away as I can from Rotax in that matter
    Any ideas or help would be great because I'm kinda loosing it over here heh...

    Regards from Norway!

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    welcome aboard GH!

    I've been to norway, great county

    please put a meter on the battery and report voltage shown when you try to crank the engine with plugs in.

    new batteries are always suspected, and starters too, if they came from china

    a video would be a big help to to determine if the engine has unwanted water inside.

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