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    Understanding PERC power supply

    Hey guys,

    I've got a '01 Genesis I that I am fixing up (previous owner blew the engine). Dropped in a replacement engine and got it running, not 100% yet so I put in new plugs and a TPS, seems to be running better now.

    Problem I'm having is with the PERC system. I've read quite a few threads on this and I still have a couple questions... It does work properly if i press the Bilge button (and the bilge pump runs as well, so no trouble there), but it does NOT work when the engine is running, unless the bilge button is pressed. Now I understand the bilge button basically backfeeds power into the accessories circuit when pressed, which is why the PERC works when it is pressed...

    So the question is, is the bilge pump supposed to run continuously when the engine is running? And what exactly controls the power to that circuit? I understand there is a bilge fuse in the power box, does that disable the PERC too if it's blown? Somebody mentioned a "LR module", but I can't seem to find much info on that...

    Any info would be appreciated!


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    LR503, it's in the electrical box in an 01.

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