1997 GP1200 w/1100 63M stock piston size 82mm? . fuel return mod (105 jet), 130 main and stock staggered pilot jets, mikuni 44's rebuilt carbs, stock turn settings on highs and lows for a GP1200. low hour engine rebuilt.

Will idle for days. A little shakier at idle than the past engine it but that had 85mm pistons with the carbs really tuned well.

When i rev it past 3-4k it seems that all the fuel isn't being burnt consistently. How much should I turn the high's down before i take it out in the water. I know the water is the only way to tune the carbs. Just have a feeling it's gonna bog really bad. Any suggestions or links on where I should have the High's and Low's due to the smaller 1100 piston size? thanks