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    1997 Polaris SL700 DLX

    Hi all
    i am new to this. My Ski has a cracked CDI. Looking for this part is like a needle in a haystack. My hubby says that I need to get the updated CDI with the Stator.
    I love my Ski and she is pristine! Anyone out there that can help this poor lady find one or is the hubby correct?
    UPDATE I found a CDI on ebay installed it correctly and still NO SPARK.Any advice as to what could be the problem.I have now spent $250on a 22yr old machine,if I need to replace the stator upgrade kit,that will be another $600.00.Where would any of you stop spending $$$$on a 22yr. old machine.This is a Major concern for me.Any help will be Greatly Accepted.
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    Welcome to Greenhulk !

    If you had to buy a new CDI from the dealer-your only option would be an update kit (Gen3 CDI/stator/coil).

    A used CDI will work just fine on a 22 year old craft.
    Post a picture of your CDI.

    I might have a Gen 1 CDI.

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