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    Angry GP1200R cuting out

    Hey, i own a 02 gp1200 anyways im have problems with the ski cutting out when hitting a bit a chop. it does not cough or splutter or die in power it just cuts out, i float for about 5mins trying to start the ski all i get is the ski cranking put wont fire then all of the sudden it starts and of igo to hit another little wave and it cuts out again. any help will be appricated.

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    Greetings pumba.. welcome aboard..

    This sounds like an electrical problem..

    i would test to make sure yor're getting a spark after it cut out on you..

    easiest way would be take a spare good spark plug out with you..

    then should it cut out again pull the seat off, pull of an h/t lead stick your spark plug in..

    Then check for A spark..!!

    could be a loose connection is the electrical box..??

    others will chime in advice too i'm sure...


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    found that the h/t lead has a high resistance, inspected and found a break in the wire.

    Replaced the lead now all good.

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    Welcome to the forum !

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    97GPSleeper can help you with anything on the GP1200. His boat is unreal for being 10 years old.

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