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    2002 Virage intermittent electrical

    Thanks in advance.
    I picked up a 02 virage 700 that starts and runs great except an intermittent electrical glitch.
    First, noticed that the display will go to "sleep" while riding and the machine goes into what seems like a limp mode. We discovered that pushing any display button " wakes " it up and it will then be fine. Has done this multiple times with no consistency.
    Second, noticed that at times it will run great but no RPM readings on display.
    Third thing it did, one time when docking I hit the stop switch and it turned off but immediately restarted and kept cranking even after I pulled the lanyard. At that time, the display was flashing low fuel warning. A hit to the left handlebar near the switch stopped it and then it was fine like nothing happened.
    So what I initially thought was I should replace the handle bar switches but after researching here I was wondering about the LR505 rectifier. Could a bad rectifier cause all those symptoms. Ive ran through all the connections and grounds I can find and nothing seems off. Can anyone give me a run down on how to trouble shoot the switch or rectifier or other cause?
    thanks again.

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    The display gets the signal to wake up from the tachometer and the RPM reading. You are not getting a steady RPM reading from the electrical box to the MFD, probably a damaged wire somewhere.

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    I don't think it's just a bad wire. If you mean the yellow wire, I've traced it through the electrical box to the display and there is no issue there. All clean tight connections as far as I can tell.
    It's the multiple symptoms that made me think regulator/rectifier.
    Should add that the battery is 12.4 across terminals and drop to 12 while cranking. The display has never shown voltage above 11.

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