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    2019 gp1800r or 2019 fx cruiser SVHO?

    Hey guys I知 new to the forum and I知 about to purchase my first ski. I知 debating between the two, I知 going to be riding mainly in the ocean as I知 in Miami and I知 hoping to do a trip from here to the Bahamas. Want to know which of the two is more reliable and which one has a more comfortable ride. Right now this is what the dealer is asking me for them. This price is with everything including the trailer.

    2019 Gp1800r $14,866

    2019 FX cruiser SVHO $15,187

    Based on these prices which one would you guys recommend and why.

    Thanks for all the help.

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    I had a vxr 2018 and now have a fxho cruiser 2018 both na the ones you are talking about are supercharged. The hulls were changed in 19 but the rides for both years will still be comparable between the skis. The Fx will be a much smother ride and take rough water much better. The Gp will handle better and turn on a dime. For the ocean i would go with the fx if you were on smooth water id go GP. I ride the gulf almost every weekend and the fx is fantastic.

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    I think the FX is the right ski for will be better for open ocean riding.

    Making a bahamas might want to consider the non-supercharged "HO" models. Better fuel mileage and will run on 87 octane gas - could be consideration making the crossing and getting gas in the islands.

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    FX HO

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    I vote FX for the comfort level in ocean/choppy water riding.

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