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    2003 Polaris Virage I wonít start

    I just picked up this PWC a couple weeks ago and trying to learn what I can about it. I have replaced the plugs, the starter and now I believe the solenoid has went bad. Only get a click when I press start button. Before all of this, the ski would just turn over and no start. I opened the fuel line and when I pressed down on the plunger a small amount of fuel came out. While trying to start. What suggestions are there to get this ski running?

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    You can start by reading some of threads in the "stickies". K447 has some just excellent Polaris knowledge web pages. The link to those pages is at the bottom of each of his post and you won't have to look far find one of those. I believe he is nearing 50,000 posts!

    It is almost a given the fuel pressure regulator is going to fall off on a direct injection Polaris. Even if it hasn't, you'll want to reinforce the fuel pressure regulator to prevent a lean condition that WILL result in a melted piston(s). Again, see this thread in the stickies for details.

    As far as not turning over, it is pretty basic troubleshooting. Jump the starter solenoids with something heavy, like an old pair of pliers handles. Does it turn over? If it does, you know the starter, battery and battery cable connections are OK. If it doesn't that is where to look. If it turns over with the solenoid jumped, I'd start at the solenoid it self with a voltmeter.

    These direct injection watercraft pretty much start near instantly, assuming everything is OK. If they haven't started in 10 seconds, something is wrong. Do NOT keep cranking on them--you'll just burn up starters, solenoids, and batteries.

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