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    Question about I'm at a crossroads

    Aloha, fromHawaii, I Ride a 2014 VX Sport, and I love it, but o got mine used from a rental company, so far she runs very well this past year and has 784 hours. I change oil often, and have it serviced recently.
    I really like the VX but in concerned with age/hours
    I recently found an 2019 Ex sport at the dealer and I'm thinking about trading in.
    I dont wrench on PWCs much only novice level things. I'm debating keeping my vx 1100 with 784 hours, I do baby it as much as I can or buying a new waverunner.

    Here's what my goals are for my PWC, I explore offshore islands, take day trips to the sand bar, and ride to my fav reef dive spots. Hawaii's offshore nature requires traveling through ocean where engine failures could be complicated and possible drift out to sea.

    Really looking for some advice on how to with the dealer or should I just keep it and spend the money building her up.

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    With that many hours the least i would consider is truing up the cylinders and installing new piston and rings, throughly inspect head, timing chain and valves. If not doing yourself would cost about $1500 if no other parts are needed. It’s an investment but a lot less than buying new

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