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    Stage 3 RXP slowed to 72mph at 7700rpm

    My stage 3 - 07 RXP with 08 engine ski normally runs 77-78 and around 8k+ RPM and is now only spinning 7700 at 72mph. I have an X charger, prop, fizzle intercooler and many more mods. Has Stainless wear ring. When you mash the throttle around 50-60 it sometimes feels like it slips a bit and is just very sluggish to 70. The holeshot and overall performance of ski is low. Has the RIVA Competition 9200rpm ECU. Any ideas what this could be? I did change the oil recently, I will
    in the morning to make sure the oil level isn’t too high. Could it be The Supercharger clutch?
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    How many hrs on the SC ? Confirm clutch slip .

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    "RIVA Competition 9200rpm ECU"

    Riva ECU were 8600, did you have the limit raised?

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    This sounds exactly what happened to me when the clutch was starting to slip,,

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    Also double check the nosecone on the prop didn’t come loose & walk up the shaft

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