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    broken throttle control on 95 sl750

    the plastic thumb control piece broke. I need some help getting a new throttle control. i appreciate any help you guys can offer, links, experience, pics whatever.

    1. do you know of a vendor for the stock repalcement if available.

    2. If stock is not available or cost effective, do the aluminum replacements work and are they easy to instal?

    i cant tell how they would work from just looking at pics of them. how does the cable casing or the part with the threads connect to the new aluminum part?

    any links to trusted vendors for polaris parts and performance parts would be awesome.


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    Try John Zigler if a used one will work. The link is in my signature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by axgrider73 View Post
    Try John Zigler if a used one will work. The link is in my signature.
    thanks ax.

    yes, i have some good ones here. 25.00 + s&h.

    send me an email if i can help out.

    thank you.

    PS hi Al.


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