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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernies10 View Post
    No way Yamaha will move to turbos. They make plenty of money off those
    Yup. That's the other thing I was thinking lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf714 View Post
    I will just address a few of the points you made in your essay.

    The broken timing chains affected almost only SVHO engines during 2014-2015. Yamaha is replacing them with brand new, updated engines even long out of warranty. The supercharger clutches lasts 100s of hours, unless heavily modified with bigger supercharger wheels, higher rpm and wave jumping. Very few people here would even remember when pump tunnels cracked. That was a long time ago. The problem with the intake grates on the 2017-2018 is well documented and Yamaha fix that under warranty. It was permanently fixed on the 2019s. There is always a lag between realizing there is a problem, coming up with an approved enginering solution and changing the production methods to incorporate the design change.
    I believe Yamaha were too far into the production cycle of the 2018s when they realized they had a problem and didn't have enough time to correct it until the following year. As far as the cracked hulls goes, I think you have that confused with the other brand. Not very common on the Yamahas even though their hulls are not nearly as sturdy as the Ultra. But they are not nearly as heavy either, which will of course affect handling. The more weight, the more inertia to change direction, which means a less playful hull.

    I don't think most of us here on the Yamaha side think we ended up with a $17,000 headache, but it appears you found two of them on your side. The current lineup from Yamaha is as bulletproof as they come. None of us comes over to the Kawasaki side and talks about an endless amount of broken pistons year after year after year. ECUs that doesn't work properly. Supercharger belt tentioners that freezes up after only a handful of hours etc etc. We also do not mention the stone-age mechanical reverse handle or broken exhaust filters that have to be cut out of the waterbox.

    You come acrosss as very angry Chris, which is understanable considering your experience with your last two Ultras.
    Like a said in my first post; ride what you like. Each brand have their strong points and their fan base. I genuinely hope that you will have two reliable PWCs next season that suits your needs.

    I am dealing with that now. I am out of warranty and at about 100 hours now on my 2014 FX SVHO. I am waiting for them to give my dealer an approval right now for what looks like a top end rebuild. I am praying I hear from the dealer really soon.

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    I'm not angry at all,,,, i wanted to move on from my kawi problem and not lose an entire riding season. I tried really hard to convince myself that i could live with the gp1800 and the fx svho for my wife. nobody attacked you or your opinions, if you dont like mine, skip over them,,,, your a yamaha fan boy, great, enjoy. I think they look hideous, would blow supercharger clutches and crack the hulls in the conditions where i/we ride. I think Yamaha makes cheap plastic toys that look like they should be towed behind a match box car.

    Its not like we haven't owned a Yamaha, my wife had a 2010 FZS for 275 hrs. she loved it,,, but i would not ride it because i knew i would break it.

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    So no performance increase in the GP or SVHO? I just wanted something faster than the RXT lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfos88 View Post
    So no performance increase in the GP or SVHO? I just wanted something faster than the RXT lol
    No performance increase, those skis already have speed limiters on them to keep the speed down so there is no need for them to increase the power output.

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    Glad I bought my FX HO this year instead of waiting for 2020. I don't like the new Kawasaki green!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfos88 View Post
    So no performance increase in the GP or SVHO? I just wanted something faster than the RXT lol
    It is incredibly easy to get the gp faster that the rxt. Especially if the rxt stays stock. Even mod for mod the gp is faster.

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    Always loved the look and quality of the Yamaha Jet boats although I'm a SD guy, for a boat Yamaha was always ahead. And that center console is definitely gonna be a great seller.

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    Almost 2 1/2 pages of color-griping . . . if that's the only beef on the 2020's, guess you could say Yamaha, as a solid platform, is doing a great job??
    Me? I won't own a black/dark ski here in FL. Too dang sunny, and too dang hot for them hard-boiled egg colors.
    So the VXR got a name-change - YAY - ummm, ok.
    What's missing? Well, a legit fishing platform for starters - and while developing an add-on fishing cooler is a nice gesture, it falls short of being a platform. Not a big fan of SD, but at least they took a shot at one. Was really hoping Yamaha would have returned the volley in 2020.

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    These things have gotten so complicated. All these chains and clutches. I used to whine about my Pro 785s breaking all the time but at least I can jump waves.

    I don't like the new color schemes, at all. They look like toys. But I really like how they are changing the front ends of these skis to have a lower profile and to not look so big and bulky. If the colors were different they would look really good. Well, they can lose all the plastic trim too. Why bother making the hulls thinner and lighter and then throwing on all this dumb plastic? Maybe I am rude to my machines but I always break that stuff. I broke the plastic cover off the front of the SN Superjet after a few months.

    Red and black FX is my favorite, but its so busy. Two tone seat, not three. One tone for the handlebar pad. No accent on the mirrors. There's just too much going on, it's like someone has discovered decals for the first time in their life. Not to mention the decals manage to be bland and overly complex somehow. A bunch of straight lines with plenty of colors, without any color or text standing out and getting your attention.

    Also the FX HO looks like a Kawasaki more than anything with that color scheme.

    GP 1800 series looks rough. That blue/yellow one, I don't know. Some of the cruiser models have better, more sporty color schemes than the high performance models.

    They really need to limit these things to two colors, and maybe some accents. They are putting three or more colors on these skis as primary colors.

    I think PWCs have reached a point where most of the time we just get new graphics for new year models. Seems to be a focus point. But I feel like Yamaha's color choice is not good. If I had $17,000 to spend on a toy I would want it to look decent.

    But I honestly give Yamaha a ton of credit for still turning out the SuperJet and keeping it so good. Seeing sales increase year over year and that it's still being produced is absolutely awesome. I hope they can keep going for several more years. After owning pro 785s and seeing skis get faster, bigger, and completely change in riding style, it sucks to see things change and to know that things won't go in that direction ever again. You are forced to try and preserve what you have. But we are still getting new SuperJets, and that's awesome.

    Also the boats look awesome. I wakeboarded behind an older Yamaha jet boat with a tower and it was great for it. They need to put the boat graphics people on the PWC division, or at least get them supervising them.

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