Greetings fellas. I'm finishing up with my piston ring break in on my '95 SL650. This is my first jet ski and I want to thank you to those that have provided information on this site. I don't post very much but 90% of my research was performed on Greenhulk. When I got ski the compression on all 3 cylinders was low at 90PSI each. Since all 3 were even I knew I would most likely I need new rings. When I took the engine out and disassembled I found someone in the past replaced the pistons, rings and jugs with SBT 1mm over bore. I replaced the rings, honed all 3 jugs and replaced every gasket. Also I bought all new fuel lines, fuel selector switch, triple out fuel pump, plugs, genuine mikuni carb kits, pop off pressure set at 15 psi, oil pump delete, and rebuilt the pump with all new bearings, seals, orings and rubber bump stops. Due to the break in I haven't hit full throttle but this vessel does run very very well. Thank you fellas for your time in providing the knowledge that you possess.