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    Well, BRP stiffed me, but the dealer comp'ed the labor and parts for everything outside of the steering column campaign.

    I had a hard time believing it. The service writer told me the dealer was going to repair it using an undisclosed method. He assured me it would be new parts, nothing salvaged, and all OEM. He would not tell me HOW they were acquiring the parts. Another employee told me the dealer decided to pay for it themselves, and absorb the cost because it was a crappy situation.

    I mean I am very appreciative, but I just don't understand it. If it was pure good will, why did they not just tell me that? They were very coy about it. It was a different dealer than the one I bought the ski from. I've never bought anything from this place.

    Did BRP really stiff me? I am tempted to call BRP to find out, or just forget it and move on.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by speed51133 View Post

    or just forget it and move on.....
    This-don't look a gift horse in the mouth. We will never know what goes on behind closed doors at these companies. They know you could have been seriously injured and they would have had a large legal problem on their hands. They tried their best to make you happy.

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