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    Maptuner vs. Candoo

    What is the difference between maptuner vs. candoo? Do they both do the same thing, or does one do more than the other? Is one more user friendly than the other? What's the pro's and con's of each?
    Thank you in advance! 2019 rxtx 300

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    I think itís pretty good described.
    One is a diagnostic tool and the other a tuning/flashing tool.

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    MaptunerX is the all in one tool. You can use it for unlimited of vehicles, both for tuning and diagnostics.
    Easy to use with touchscreen and different APPs.
    Communicates through diagnostic connector.
    Free of charge updates when connected to PC with internet connection.

    Example of MaptunerX Service APPs,
    - DTC Codes (Included with tuning license)
    - Reset TPS (Included with tuning license)
    - Monitoring - Read engine values in real-time. (Additional purchase)
    - Datalogging - Store engine values while driving. (Additional purchase)
    - DESS Keys Management. (Additional purchase)
    - Reset Service. (Additional purchase)
    - Reset History - Wipe out the history in ECU. (Additional purchase)

    You can purchase Home Service APP for one vehicle, that include all APPs above except for Datalogging.
    We will soon release MaptunerX Dealer Service APP that basically enables an auto-detect function on MaptunerX. When MaptunerX gets connected to a new vehicle it will automatically enable all available service APPs and you can perform them immediately. Ex. You can add an extra key within 10 seconds.

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