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    Waveraider storage

    So obviously waveraiders greatly lack the storage space of newer skis and convenient options as well. How do you guys handle it? Any ideas for accessible cell phone access? The under seat bin is just enough to fit some rope, force my flip flops in, and a dry bag for my shirt, wallet, keys, and phone...

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    slower lower Delaware. And have a cottage on finger lake in upstate NY.
    On my gpr I use small bunngies to tie down some of my extra stuff in the engine bay. I carry a collapsible paddle. And a screw umbrella sand anchor. That I use as an anchor. If you have room you could do the same using some 2inch sticky vellcro and small dry boxes.

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    I do the same thing as Dave with a collapsible oar. I stuff phone, wallet, keys, etc under the seat like you do. For cell phone I found a waterproof handlebar mount case for a motorcycle. I haven't tried it yet though. . .and you'll have to remove the handlebar cover to clamp it on.

    Haven't tried it yet, but my other idea was some kind of waterproof fanny pack on, or around the handlebars. . .

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    I've got a couple of these that we use on long cruises:

    Here's another:

    Do a search for 'handlebar bag' and you should find several to choose from. I would not rely on the being waterproof. I'd certainly put electronic stuff in a plastic bag of some sort.

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