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    2007 Seadoo RXP Codes P0351, P0352, P0353

    Hope someone can help me my 2007 RXP is pulling P0351, P0352, P0353. On my Candoo it pulls these codes, and says: open circuit or shorted to ground or to 12v. Ive tried resetting them and they come right back. Ski starts for 1 second then dies. What could this be?

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    welcome aboard GH

    always good to know a little history on the ski..hours, new to you etc.

    first thing I'd check is the fusebox

    second thing I'd do is check that the plugs can be fired with the candoo.

    third thing I'd do is check for rat damage and make sure all connectors are fully seated

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    The ski has 64hrs, been sitting for a while and new to me ive never had it running.
    Checked fuses there all good. I will see if plugs fire on candoo. I did check harness for damage but that could be easy to miss.
    Very frustrating these seadoo electrical problems.

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    Same problem

    Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the exact same problem. My ski was running fine last season, this year, I went to start it and keep getting these three codes. It seems unlikely that all 3 coild went out at once. I'm running out of options though.

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    No I never could figure it out its very frustrating. I gave up and its still sitting in garage, maybe I will try again this week. Let me know if you figure yours out.

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