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    There are 5 lines coming off of the pump of a 150/1200 oil pump. Each one is designed to flow a different amount of oil to each output. The outer carbs use some oil from the crank case for example. So the lines that flow to the outer carbs is different than the line that flows to the center carb. Also the engine output oil lines are also different. That is why it is crucial the correct oil output lines of the pump connect to the proper input line of the carb and engine.

    Just follow the service manual to be sure the oil lines are routed correctly.
    very interesting, so where does the oil come from that is in the crank case for the outer cylinders??? wait you said five lines,two extra, those two must feed into the case somewhere,so its ok to make them longer or shorter,just keep them in the right spot.i have a pump off one, but I don't remember there being five lines,but when your parting a ski out you just want to "get it done"

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    Quote Originally Posted by beekermartin View Post
    OP if this what you need send me a PM. Just pay shipping and I'll "pass it on".

    holy chit that thing is clean as hell,sometimes I wonder if im not bat chit crazy.????

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