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    questions about buying 96 sl780

    I might be going to look at a 96 sl780 today(waiting for him to email me back). It looks to be in good condition and comes with a Karavan Trailer, one of the nice, curved ones. Only thing wrong is the MFD gauge doesn't work, he said they don't come on at all even when he replaced it with a brand new one. I'm assuming it's just a fuse or loose wire. He wants 1900 OBO but if it all works I'm just gonna hand him a $1500 wad of cash and say take or leave it.

    What should I look for on this ski? Any known problems? I was told the 780 was the most reliable fuji engine and that it tops out around 54/55mph.

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    All the usual stuff.

    Do a compression check.

    Inspect piston domes with a washlight if you have one.

    Look at the driveline from intake grate back, and from pump nozzle forward to look for signs of impeller damage.

    Overall condition of the entire machine.

    Ask about salt water use and if he fogged the motor.

    Feel the weight of the seat. If it weighs a ton and shows signs of being waterlogged, the machine has probably been rolled a lot.

    What else???


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    can I run it on regular gas(87 oct) or does it need premium(92oct)? Premium is realy expensive in my area.

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