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    13/19R for 07 wake 215?

    I have just made/fitted a home made flex-pipe 3" intake on my 07 wake 215 today.
    When I gone out with my friends stock 07 Rxt, we felt the Rxt was a little more powerful than my 07 wake with only a 3" intake.
    We both noticed My wake had lost some low end torque/power after the 3" intake???!!!
    Will this be possible?
    He also mentioned that his 07 Rxt had different impeller pitch/size than my 07 wake 215.
    Is this true?
    My dealer said I can't fit an impeller that is designed for RXT on my 215 wake as I have different drive shaft on my wake????!!!!
    But Jerry had told me that any aftermarket parts that is for RXT can be fitted to my Wake!
    So I am aiming to fit a RR SC wheel to match my 3" intake, should I go for a different impeller with this set up?
    And which model impeller should I order? Those for RXT or GTX SC????
    PS, should I refit the stock intake system and leave the 3" intake until I fit in the RR SC wheel???
    My Wake had just reached 7 hrs today while my friend's Rxt had 3hrs in it. I started to run 8-10 secs WOT runs today to open up my new engine to upper REV range.
    Some thing funny happened today, in the first few hrs of running in my wake, I could reach max. 8000-8200rpm while running WOT runs (5-8secs), thats of course with a little bouncing off water surface.
    However, after fitting the 3" intake, at WOT runs, my rev go right up to around 7000ish rpm and only very slowly bounce up to 7400, 7600, 7800 and only a very few times up to 8050ish rpm.
    What is happening??? Had I made any mistake be it the way I run in my engine or the 3" intake??? Do I need to have a impeller to go with the 3" intake to be able to see any performance gain???
    THX for any help from you lot
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    We just purchased one 2007 Wake two weeks ago and the supercharger went to go see jesus after just 16hours, the washers are probably done as those 16hours were exclusively in the ocean. Don't forget to upgrade those asap.

    While we're waiting for the first Wake to get repaired we picked up a second one that we'll do the washer upgrade to pre-emtively.

    I don't know is exactly happening with your intake mods, I'm looking at doing those myself. It's not unusual to see different things happen with the power band from custom intakes. Try shortening on lengthing in the intake track and... a longer track should tune in some more low end punch and the shorter intake track should tune in some more top end.

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    Wake 215 07

    I am thinking which impeller to put in as I want to keep stock injectors and intercooler to keep things more reliable in the ocean.
    Riva vortex/RR impeller????
    Which one will you opt for???
    Will shorten the intake hose when put in the aftermarket sc impeller to see what will happen.
    Now I run a 7-8 feet 3" hose and fix the cone filter on the front of the fuel bladder.
    Do u want me to post some pics and list the hardware parts for u???
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    RR impeller over the vortex, but for less money, you could wait to see what the verified boost numbers are going to be on the new "green" impeller.

    A new impeller might be even more starved for air, though. Your supercharger is not going to like breathing through 8 feet of 3" hose. The stock intake is easy to improve on, but it's also possible to do worse, and one of those ways is to use an excessively long hose. My greatest intake success has been just a 90 degree elbow off the SC inlet with a stainless steel filter. I'm not happy with it breathing in hot air, so I'm working on a much more sophisticated system of 5" hoses and "Y" connectors, but at this point I don't expect it to work much better than the simple, short elbow.

    I run a Solas C. 13/18, and it was a huge improvement over stock. When I get my new impeller in, I'm thinking I'll have to go to the 13/19R.

    '07 Speedster 150 SCIC

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