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    06 RXP 215 sensor warning and oil leak help

    Whatís up everybody was running my 06 RXP 215 and was blowing white smoke out of the exhaust and got a sensor warning on the dash. All it said was sensor and there was no code need to know what sensor that is. I looked at the engine and oil was leaking out of the spark plug holes and the bolts holding down the valve cover and felt around and it seems to be leaking out of the front pump underneath so I need to know how to do valve cover gasket and oil pump gasket change. also when I pulled it out of the water there was a little oil in the impeller pump housing and oil on the drain plugs. Also when starting it will click a bunch of times then it will eventually start is this do to a bad starter? Or the starter button because the button is a little hard to push not sure if itís is jammed or if thatís normal. Also what other areas should I check for oil leaks? kinda just guessing itís the front oil pump and valve cover.
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