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    How to get the swoooshhh sound???

    Out of my Riva BOV??? If I take the tube off the top that runs back to the intake will that work? Will that hurt anything? Any ideas? I need the blow off sound!

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    Find a wedding dress and go wot down stream of the river...the wind should make that dress swoosh enough to get the sound you are looking for..

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    do you really think that will work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiquidDI View Post
    do you really think that will work?

    no but id love to see a pic


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    You don't want to disconnect the hose from the BOV to the intake. That's the one that opens the BOV when there is a vacuum in the intake. Not only will that keep the BOV from opening that is supposed to make the swoooshhh sound, you're gonna lose some SERIOUS power because your intake won't be sealed anymore unless you plug the hole you made when connecting the BOV. If you want the swooosh sound, you need to build more pressure from the SC! That means upgrading your SC wheel to bigger boost. More boost = more swoooshh when BOV opens!!

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