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    Question SXR 1500 Exhaust Mods I need Help!

    Does anyone have a copy of the Instructions for the R&D PN# 331-81511 Exhaust , For the SXR 1500?
    I want to duplicate there system and I need the directions on how to modify the water box .
    Man its a Damn shame they closed......

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    Take a look at Trey St. John's bypass kit...

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    Where do I find Him?

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    We did a test with and without the TSJ kit, lost 4mph, all conditions the same

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    I'm not promoting this kit there's a bunch on the market and you can just buy the fittings and do it yourself for a couple of bucks. We tested the r&d,TSJand made our own. They help the mid-range marginally and rob the top 4mph. Careful when reading claims they make. It's marketing
    The Jetworks Water Box Bypass Kit adds a nice boost in throttle response and acceleration, as well as promotes stronger midrange pulling power! Quick and simple to install kit that works to reduce the amount of water that being “Pumped” into the Water Box preventing it from overfilling and restricting exhaust flow. The amount of overall water to the box is reduced while still maintaining plenty of water to keep the water box and exhaust hoses cool. One of the most noticeable 5-minute bolt-on mods for your Kawasaki Jet Ski.

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    If you want the fittings list see Jason Richter at Wet Wed Govt Wash on Facebook

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