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    Loss of Power, Loss of oil, loss of coolant

    Hey everyone!

    i have a 2015 RXT 260 w/ 124 hours. Today will riding I lost all power. It sounded as if it was choking under acceleration and wouldn’t go over 3mph. I turned it off and opened the seat to the hull. Out poured white smoke. I lost 1/4 quart of oil and possibly some coolant. Oil was covering a couple of hoses near the oil filter but none in the hull.

    No light came on indicating an issue

    I have an extended warranty but any ideas?

    head gasket? Blown supercharger?

    Th aka!

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    Fix the oil leak, but its probably not your main problem.
    You probably melted an exhaust hose somewhere, or a exhaust hose popped off, would explain the white smoke, and the feeling of it choking.

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