Only made it about half a mile from the dock, engine had a miss in it, no power. Would come up on boost, but struggled to hit 6000 RPM. I barely made it back to the dock it was missing so badly. Does not appear to be a loose hose. The ski has been hard to start last two times out, almost dead, just enough to crank. The batt buzzer and "bat" warning stays on quite a while before it goes off. I don't remember if it does that normally or not, I know the buzzer goes off when starting but don't recall for how long is normal. I checked battery connection, perfectly clean and secure. I'm guessing bad battery or charging system? last week it had a miss at idle so I knew something was about to go wrong, but after riding it for a while last week it cleared up. Maybe was low battery and charged after riding, but now battery is shot beyond charging while riding?

So much for enjoying a Sunday.