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    1995 WaveRaider 700 Hull Identification location?

    First post n00b here .. rescued a pair of abandoned
    1995 WaveRaider 700's this weekend from growing permanent roots and sinking back into mother Earth where they've been since2013 Spent the weekend getting running and they fired up with some love and McGuivering

    I'm now 300 miles from them and stupidly thought the serial # plate under the hood was the info I needed to get them registered so I can only go from the pics I've taken to get the info before returning in 2 weeks.

    I'll post pics and a formal intro in a bit, but can someone familiar with this model tell me where exactly the H.I.N. plate is located?

    Thanks much .. look forward to being a contributing member here. Seems like the place to be ..

    Alan W.
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    slower lower Delaware. And have a cottage on finger lake in upstate NY.
    No necesarily familiar with that particular unit, but typically it's on the right rear corner just below the rub rail. Sometimes on top of the rear deck. It's pop-rivited on about 1/2" X 2 1/2" and usually BLK in color. Hope this helps.
    Pic of for HIN for size reference.
    Click image for larger version. 

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