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    Denso Map sensor

    My question is with the map sensor bad (code 42) I'm pretty sure by reading the TCP and Map sensor are one and same on non turbo ski. Would someone please let me know if I'm wrong on this ???THanks in advance

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    I agree it looks to me like the non turbo would only have a MAP sensor no TCP from looking in the service manual. I did read they are the same part number. I also read that the TCP should be code 42 and the MAP is code 2 so thats kinda strange. Maybe its just like that on a non turbo.

    I think my first course would be to make sure there are no vacuum leaks at or the sensor. Next I would be curious if it is clean/unobstructed

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    Thanks, I couldnt be sure but its funny a non turbo would pop a 42 code, but some stranger things have occured.I have Mitchell sending me a replacement,This is a customer who wants to do his own work,so I showed him plugs were fouled but until ski was repaired it would do no good to change them. He didn't listen replaced them ,nothing changed except he fouled a brand new set.So much for him trying to save a few dollars.These auto mechanics even good ones don't understand a car and boat motor are two different animals. Thanks so much for checking this for me ,I don't have many honda customers so I hadn't gotten a manual, Somehow I manage to keep them running ,even the one that had over 9 quarts of oil in it!!!! Have a Blessed and GREAT day !!!! Thanks again!!

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    Well checked all wiring ,replaced map sensor with known good one (the old one was bad it wouldnt hold vacuum.) Also found out ski had 2.5 quarts too much oil.I checked the wiring ,installed new plugs and known good map sensor, checked for vacuum leaks around ,checked vacuum hoses. Still throws 42 code. I'm beginning to think it could be cpu like what happens with the knock sensor!! Any ideas anyone please!!

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    Anyone ?? Has anyone seen this code on non-turbo ski before. I checked all vacuum lines looked good. Thanks in advance !!!

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    I have only read of the ECU throwing the code 45 when it is failing. With the extra oil you said was removed from the engine, is it possible that the excess was somehow inhaled by the intake side and has degraded or clogged the vac lines? Also perhaps buying a few feet of new hose and just replacing what you have could eliminate any hairline crack or pinhole that might not be easily detected?

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