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    Interview with GreenHulk

    Here is Jerry's feedback to your questions.

    Thanks everyone!

    From MikeTrin:

    Why did you buy the 2004 RXP and when/what made you decide to do modifications to it?

    Back in early 2004 my parents bought a camp on the bayou. My father already had a Sea Doo that I would ride all the time and I figured that having two out there on the weekends would be a lot of fun.

    Someone told me about a Sea Doo GTX that was supercharged and had 185 horsepower. I thought that is what I wanted until I got online that night and saw the 215 HP RXP. My wife and kids liked the green color so the decision was made. The next day I was at my dealer putting money down on one. Back then there was a waiting list for them. I waited a gruesome 2 months to take delivery of it. The minute I got it home the kids started calling it the Hulk Sea Doo, hence the forum name Green Hulk.

    The decision to start modding the ski was made before I even took delivery of it. I found a couple of message boards on the net, mainly and I read about some of the things people were doing to their skis and it gave me ideas on what I wanted to do to time. At first I just wanted to do some basic modifications, but I found the performance gains were quite addictive. Now I have this never ending quest for more speed.

    From DaveRXP4:

    Is this your first ski?

    This is actually the first ski I have ever owned.
    If not which ones were your other skis?

    My father has a '98 Sea Doo GTX that I used to ride all the time.
    When did you know you had to have your first ski (what made you fall in love with it)?

    When my parents bought the camp on the bayou I knew I had to have my own. I think the raw power of the ski along with the comfort and styling is what made me fall in love with it.
    From RustySeaRustyDoo:

    Do you plan to keep this ski you have for a while?

    I have absolutely no intention of selling this ski. I have had offers from overseas to buy it for big bucks, but turned them down. I have too much time invested in this ski and selling it would be like giving up a part of me.
    What would make you sell your ski? If something drastic changed ( like a new hull on the RXP for 07 ) would this be something that you would trade your ski for??

    I really don't know. I guess if i lose interest in it then it will go. If Sea Doo comes up with a better hull then I may take my engine and all the goodies and drop them into the new hull.

    From RXPkid:

    What are you going to do if/when your kids get to the age that they want their own skis so they can race/ride along with you?

    Im looking forward to the day they are old enough to ride their own ski. Just as long as it's not as fast as mine.
    What type of ski would you get them: give them your RXP and get yourself another ski, get them an intro level ski, get them something like an RXT, or get them something like a RXP or GPR?

    I think their fist ski will be an entry level ski. There is no way i'm going to put them on something that is heavily modded, or even a stock ski capable of nearly 70 mph.
    Will you let/help them mod their skis?

    Absolutely! They already try to help me when I work on mine.

    From Shibby1485:

    Who are your top 5 Role Models in the PWC industry (order/rank does not matter) ?

    I'm not sure If I can come up with 5 of them, but the three that come to mind are Nils Castillo, Mark Underwood and Kerry Hibdon.
    If you could build your dream machine, What hull, engine, ergonomics, seat style, and other gizmos would it entail?

    Honestly, my dream machine would be the GPR hull with the Kerry/Fercho handling package and my RXP engine and goodies. I really think this ski would make the ultimate water rocket.
    Is there anything about your two online forums and online shopping cart that you wish you had done differently or could change?

    I wouldn't change a thing about any of it. I think everything looks great, thanks to Mike Trinastich. I couldn't have done any of this without him.
    In order of importance, what are 5 things that you feel shape and comprise you to be "Jerry"? (ie cars, skis, pets, beach, wife, food, hobbies, passions, mentors, etc) ONLY 5, and in order

    Wife, hobbies, passions, skis, cars.
    From Water4fire:

    What is your background in mechanics?

    Ever since I was a young child I would tinker with things. I loved to take things apart just to see how they worked. As I got older I developed a passion for cars. By the time I was in high school I wanted to learn about what made them tick. Once I graduated I enrolled in Universal Technical Institute in Houston, TX. Im sure many of you have seen UTI's commercials on TV.

    I graduated from UTI in 1989, but never really worked in the automotive field.

    From Pale Rider:
    How did you meet the Bayou Princess?

    I actually met Carey at the McDonald's where she was working. I went through the drive thru window one morning and saw this beautiful girl with the prettiest smile I ever saw. It was love at first sight and the rest is history.
    From RXPDAVID:

    What is your real job?

    My mother owns a business here in Morgan City, LA named Life Saving Equipment Repair Co., Inc. It was founded by my grandfather in 1961 and passed on to my mother when he died. I help her run the business. I also built a car wash for my father a few years ago and I help him take care of that.

    From FRANKO:

    How's Dexter doing?

    Dexter is doing great!
    From _Lurker_:

    How much do you have into your ski excluding purchase price?

    That's a good question. I would say around $6500, or so. I have spent a great deal of money on R&D and trying things that didn't quite work out so well.
    If you could start over with that amount of money in hand and a new rxp what would you do differently and why?

    I don't think there is anything that I would do differently.
    If you didn't have the rxp what hobby would occupy your time?

    I would probably build another car. More than likely a '69 Camaro.
    From way2fast:

    Is their truth to the rumor that you will be switching to the 280hp Kawasaki when it is released to the public next Spring????

    If they build it I will come!

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    This was like a first meeting with jerry AKA greenhulk
    now we know jerry a bit better so jerry can i borow your ski now

    keep up the good work love your forum

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    Jerry, I have a question for you.

    Will you have dinner with me at Cafe JoJo's? Saturday night, 7pm???

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    let me know if he says no, i'll come

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    absolutely baby! I will make reservations tomorrow.

    Can Shibby come along?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bayou Princess
    Andy, I have a question for you.

    Will you have dinner with me at Cafe JoJo's? Saturday night, 7pm???
    Alright! I`m there... ...PR...

    Jerry: One O these days I`ll tell ya how I met the Mrs.

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    I'll bet it was at Wendys !!

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    I was reading the interview......hmmmm 280 hp Kawi ..... but what if you could get 320 hp from the Doo? What if I knew of an RXP with 320 hp .....(and it was the "practice" engine, he he)?

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