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    Quote Originally Posted by Ye Ol Salty Dog View Post
    What were the numbers? How is your battery? Don’t take it apart yet. The compression test has as much to do with gauge accuracy and starter speed as anything else. Where did you get the comp gauge?

    i just picked up a new one from harbor freight, it read 40lbs low. So I exchanged it for another... SAME!
    Gauge is a Blue Point/Snap On
    Battery is new and was fully charged, to make sure it was spinning I pulled both plugs so it wouldn't be dragging.
    Seasons coming to an end here shortly so will finish up with my 140 and go through the 150 this winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ye Ol Salty Dog View Post
    Do you smell unburnt fuel when it’s not starting? If so, MPG350 may be correct. It’s common to have clogged fuel tank vents from the ski sitting unused for a long time. If the fuel tank gets pressurized, they tend to flood at startup.

    Also, map sensors wouldn’t cause your issue, HOWEVER, the air temp sensor (built into the map sensor) could be faulty causing a flooding condition at startup. A bad coolant temp sensor could also cause flooding at startup. All of which could be overcome when trailer starting because it’s simply easier to startup when there’s no water drag on the impeller.
    Will check those sensors and the tank vent before pulling the engine. Hope it's that simple but compression was definitely low because my comp gauge is accurate.

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    I had a fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail go bad and cause those symptoms. The vacuum line should reduce pressure to the fuel rail shortly after cranking. Mine was not, so I got a sputter then flood. Replaced regulator and fired right up.

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